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Leadership Team
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  Founder and President:  Donn Jibben  
  Background:  Donn grew up on a family farm in west central MN.  He started farming as a freshman in HS and soon purchased his first commercial Herefords.  As a sophomore he then purchased his first registered polled Herefords.  In time, Donn exhibited many champions at several state fairs and even at the major shows such as Denver National Stock Show, American Royal and NAILE in Louisville.  During the 80’s the family farming operation eventually grew to 4,200 tillable acres plus pasture and hay land.
In 1988, Donn felt a strong calling in his heart to full time ministry and after a season of prayer new in his heart it was time to disperse his herd and sell off his childhood dream and go to Bible school.  In Aug. of 1989 Donn dispersed his herd with cattle selling into 19 states. A few weeks later Donn loaded up his wife and three kinds and went off to Bible College in ND. His love and passion for cattle ranchers and exhibitors  and for the livestock industry is still very strong in his heart to this day. He is extremely excited about his new vision from the Lord for “HOPE FOR THE RANCHER” OUTREACH. You can read his story at:  jibbenpolledherefords.com.

Education:  BA degree Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, ND  Ministry / Bible

Ministry experience:  20 plus years of active ministry.  You can read his ministry blogs and sermons at:  DonnJibben.com

Ordained: Donn is credentialed and ordained with ICCAN, International Cowboy Church Alliance Network.

Family:  Donn has been married to his wife Tami for 32 plus years.  They have 5 children, two daughters and three sons ranging is ages form 32-15 and also have 6 grandchildren.  
  Board Members  
jaclyn wilson
Flying Diamond Genetics
Cell: 308-762-3196
Twitter: @Jacd_up 

HFTR Welcomes Jaclyn wilson as New Board Member.
Flying Diamond Genetics is owned and operated by Jaclyn Wilson.  Jaclyn attended school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and returned home to Wilson Ranch in 2002.  Since then she has become actively involved in the ag. community.  She is a LEAD 24 graduate, served as Chair of the Nebraska Agriculture Leadership Council, Chair of the Cow/Calf Council and a member of the Executive Team for the Nebraska Cattlemen, and is the Vice Chair of Resolutions for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and actively involved in the newly named Young Beef Leaders.

Jaclyn also currently sits on gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts Ag. Advisory Team.  She was featured in the book "Generations on the Land" and writes both an editorial for Midwest Producer and a blog, "Jac'd Up".  In her spare time she builds and designs metal projects under the name Flying Diamond Designs. 

Legacy. Consistency. Customer Service. Just a few words when I think about our operation and what we are trying to carry on here at Flying Diamond Genetics. For 126 years my family has been ranching in the Nebraska Sandhills. We’ve survived through droughts, blizzards, depressions, and hardships over five generations, and we continue to survive and thrive doing what we love, and that is producing a safe wholesome product. It’s a different Beef Industry today than it was in 1888. Trends have come and gone. Management styles come and go. Technology continues to change. New regulations and challenges arise. Yet, one thing remains the same, great genetics with data collection, focuses on efficiency and constancy, and finding cattle to fit the environment are eminent.

Our goal at FDG is to take those genetics that the family ranch has worked so hard on for so many years and expand by offering some of those great cows as recips, and develop heifer calves to become herd expanders and builders. Along with the expansion, this website will also communicate private treaty bull sales and pictures/videos of Wilson Ranch progeny for sale throughout the year. We are excited to have our genetics and program work for you. Continue to check for new photos and videos of ranch happenings as we get started in this new venture. Please feel free to contact us at any time and if you are in the neighborhood, we’d love to show you around!

Wilson Ranch was founded in 1888. Buffalo bones were collected and sold during those first years to provide income. Cattle soon followed including shorthorns and in the early 1900’s a herd of purebred polled and horned Herefords including the first bull to make the Register of Merit. Red Angus genetics were introduced in 1970, and in 1980 the ranch purchased their first South Devon bull from the Ogallala Bull Test Station. Since then the ranch continues to focus on genetics with Red Angus influence and in the past couple of years have started to introduce composite and Red Sim/Angus bloodlines.

All generations have been focused on production and conservation. Cattle records have been kept for as far back as anyone can remember and AI has been utilized for close to thirty years. The cumulative of the focus on conservation reached its pinnacle in 2006 when Wilson Ranch was the inaugural Nebraska winner of the Leopold Conservation Award presented by the Sand County Foundation. Wilson Ranch is currently owned and operated by fourth generation brother's Blaine and Bryan Wilson and their families.  Flying Diamond Genetics was started in 2013 by Blaine's daughter Jaclyn.
The Schrammel Family
Gage, Allie, Lorinda, and David
David Schrammel (OK)
David and his wife Lorinda have been married for 24 yrs this Sept. They have two children. Their son Gage is a Freshman at Oklahoma State. Their daughter Allie is a Sophomore in High School. Both of my kids are active in the Okla Jr. Hereford Assn as well as the NJHA. My daughter is currently the Okla Hereford Princess.

David is a 4th generation rancher. His grandfather raised Polled Hereford cattle and David took over the responsibility of the ranch in 1985. Their Registered Hereford herd consists of approximately 50 females with 50 embryo calves due next year. The commercial operation consist of 150 cows. They also farm wheat as well on our farm in Orlando, OK.

David has served faithfully as an Elder at Countryside Baptist Church in Stillwater, OK. His family has been a part of CBC for 23 yrs. David's passion is seeing people come to understand God's great love and grace for them through the person and work of Jesus Christ. As well Davids heart is seeing men, young and old connect with other men to walk along side another in order to live life well. David's life verse is Acts 20:24.
  Paul Mcpeek and wife Kelley
Paul and Kelley are a home school family with 6 children. Stephen - A Senior at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. High School All American and NCAA Wrestler. Melissa - A Junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. High School All American and NCAA Volleyball player. Abigail - A Sophmore at North Central Texas College, and a 4.0 Honors Student. Dalton - 10th Grade, plays High School Basketball and Football. Gideon - 9th Grade, plays High School Basketball and Football. Meredith - 8th Grade, plays High School and Club Volleyball. The McPeek family lives on the Solid Rock Ranch in Muenster, Texas and they attend Gateway Church. Paul has BA degree in Business Computer Information Systems from University of North Texas. He is currently employed as a Senior IT Architect at Fidelity Information Services.
  Peter John Budler (PJ) and wife Koula - Former Board Director
Formerly from South Africa. Now living in Fort Worth, Texas.  Peter registered his own herd at the age of 15, BonHaven Beef Cattle. In its 16 years of existence it has developed into a multi-breed company with 6 herds of Herefords, Angus, Red Angus, Brahman and Braford cattle with headquarters in South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius. His cattle have won National Champion awards as well as sold for new record prices. Peter has traveled to 29 different countries and has judged cattle shows worldwide. He has also served on numberous Boards and is the only individual to serve on 3 Boards for different breeds simultaneously. Peter has a BA degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University. Peter is the founder of:  herefordbreeder.net and angusbreeder.net
Donn and Tami Jibben
4324 Highgate Rd • Fort Worth, TX 76244
Phone: 817-807-8790 • Email: donn@hopefortherancher.com
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